My Honest Review of Apotheke Candles (2024 Edition)

As a lover of luxury candles, I recently came across APOTHEKE, a brand that prides itself on crafting candles with passion, top quality, and thoughtful craftsmanship. The moment I lit one of their candles, I could instantly tell the difference in quality, and it became clear that the true essence of a candle lies in its components.

apotheke candles review

Quality Ingredients

One thing that sets APOTHEKE apart from mass-produced candles is their opposition to low-quality wax, which can be wasteful and potentially release harmful toxins. Instead, they use a soy wax blend and perfume-grade oils to create rich, fragrant candles that stay true to their luxury claim. Moreover, the hand-pouring process they employ ensures that each candle is carefully examined for quality and is free from unwanted chemicals and ingredients.


I tried several of APOTHEKE’s top candles, and here are my thoughts on each one:

1. Charcoal

This best seller and customer favorite creates a brooding, masculine scent that looks stunning with its jet black wax and matte black vessel. Perfect for placing near a fireplace in the living room, it adds an air of sophistication.

2. White Vetiver

The sultry, attractive, and masculine scent of White Vetiver transports you to a luxurious spa. Recommended for the bedroom or bathroom, it’s not overpowering but instead sets a relaxing atmosphere.

3. Hinoki Lavender

A beautiful blend of lavender, woody Hinoki cypress, and lotus flower, it’s ideal for a home office or bedroom. Burning this candle helped me reduce stress and improve my sleep.

4. Sea Salt Grapefruit

The scent of summer perfectly balances sweet, citrusy grapefruit with a refreshing sea salt aroma. It’s a versatile fragrance that fits in any room and brightens the atmosphere.

5. Canvas

Minimalist and elegant, Canvas creates a clean, fresh aroma in cluttered spaces and pairs well with a chic, minimal candle vessel.


While some might consider APOTHEKE’s products to be on the steeper side of the price spectrum within the candle market, it’s a sentiment shared by many that the quality of these products is absolutely worth every cent. The unique, enchanting scents that APOTHEKE offers are simply unbeatable, providing unparalleled olfactory experiences. With prices ranging from as low as $10 to up to $78, APOTHEKE caters to a wide range of budget preferences.

How APOTHEKE Stands Out

Thousands of candles are available in the market, but APOTHEKE’s use of soy wax blend sets them apart, making their candles safer and more eco-friendly than other brands.

Size Options

For every space and preference, APOTHEKE offers three candle sizes:

  • Votives: Ideal for smaller spaces like bathrooms or studio apartments, and serve as an introduction to their fragrances.
  • Signature one-wick candles: The 11 oz size has a 60-70 hour burn time and is versatile, suitable for any room.
  • Three-wick candles: Perfect for filling your entire home with fragrance, these have double the burn time of signature candles for more enjoyment.


In my experience, APOTHEKE’s candles are nontoxic, vegan, and never tested on animals. Their soy wax blend makes for a more eco-friendly and sustainable option. If you’re looking for a luxury candle that’s thoughtfully crafted and respects the environment, APOTHEKE definitely delivers on their promise.

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