An Honest Review of Diptyque Candles (2024 Edition)

Have you ever treated yourself to a certain extravagance? The world seems to awaken, doesn’t it? Colors appear more vibrant, experiences feel more vivid, as though you’ve stepped into a captivatingly immersive reality. This is precisely the sensation delivered by Diptyque candles. They are more than mere candles, they are creations steeped in Parisian elegance promising to tantalize your senses. These experiences are designed to pamper, offering a truly delightful sensory journey. Isn’t it about time you discovered what Diptyque has to offer?

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Let’s have a chat about these luxurious little wonders!

Package and Sizes

Ever started at a champagne bucket and thought it would make a beautiful candle? That’s exactly what Diptyque thought, and boy, were they right! These candles come in special edition holders sometimes, but what’s really exciting is the range – sizes for every occasion, every space. You have your petite 2.4 oz for a romantic dinner, the medium 10 oz for your average Tuesday, and the 21 oz or giant 51 oz for when “over the top” is just the way you like it!


Diptyque truly has a passion for floral scents! And honestly, they do such an amazing job, it’s hard to debate their love for it. They’ve created an array of signature scents that are simply mesmerizing! Shall we take a quick peek at a few crowd favorites?

1.Baies Candle – Imagine walking into your room and it’s filled with a floral melody that’s neither pure princess nor strictly spartan. That’s Baies for you – a mix of roses and berries that’s perfectly chic.

2.Rose Candle – Like walking through a rose garden, this candle infuses your space with sweetness that’s as real as it gets. Long-lasting and memorable, that’s Rose for you.

3.Figuier Candle – Want to invite freshness into your space? Figuier is your best bet. Crushed fig leaves create a relaxing vibe that isn’t overwhelming. Ideal for your living room, perhaps?

4.Mimosa Candle – Who doesn’t love summer? And Mimosa encapsulates just that! Filled with robust, sunny, and irresistible scents, it creates a cheerful, summer atmosphere in your home.

5.Vanille Candle – Who can resist the pull of Vanilla, Sandalwood, and floral scents tied neatly with an earthy undertone? It’s sophistication in a jar!

6.Tuberose – Love your fragrances bold and exotic? Tuberose, a Mexican white flower famous for its intense smell, is for you! It’s suitable throughout the year but beware – it could be too much of a good thing for some!


Diptyque doesn’t cut corners. Their candles are a blend of natural ingredients, topped with a high-quality paraffin wax. If paraffin isn’t your thing, they have alternatives like vegetable wax or coconut soy as well. Oh and don’t worry, their wicks are lead-free – so no white smoky farewell when you blow out the flame.

Burn Time

Should you opt for the Diptyque experience, you’re signing up for a sensational sensory adventure. On offer, you ask? An impressive 60 hours of burn time for starters. With a daily ritual of lighting them for approximately 4 hours, these luxurious candles will be your faithful fragrant companions for an entire month. Picture this – a full month of sublime scents swirling in your space. It’s more than just a candle; it’s an invitation to a fragrant feast that appeals to your senses, creating a truly unique, personal ambiance.


Is it a tad expensive? Yes! But remember, you’re not just buying aroma. You’re investing in elegance, sophistication, and memories. You could be spending anything from $50 to $690 depending on the size and fragrance of your chosen Diptyque candle. But hey, the joy such a candle brings is pretty priceless, don’t you think? And, here’s an added perk for you – if your order is above $150, your entire package will be shipped right to your doorstep, free of charge. Yes, you heard it right, absolutely no shipping fees! So, you can sit back, relax, and wait for your dose of luxury to arrive. Why not indulge yourself a bit?


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To truly savor your Diptyque candles and make sure they’re at their best, here’s a little tip. On its first outing, let it burn for around 2 hours — just enough to melt the waxy top layer. Then, to keep up the good work, trim the wick to approximately 1cm after each use. This helps avoid the exasperating tunneling effect. And don’t worry about the post-candle mess. The wax is firm and not fussy— quite beloved for its ease of cleaning. Commit to these small rituals and your candles are set to offer an incredible experience time after time!


Looking for the perfect gift for your loved ones? We’ve got you covered — choose a Diptyque candle without hesitation! It’s not just an eye-catching piece of home decor; it transforms people into admirers of luxury, elegance, and magnificent fragrances. With various sizes available, these candles are suitable for cozy indoor gatherings or charming outdoor soirées. Don’t hold back – indulge in the exquisite world of Diptyque and let your senses be enchanted.

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