Top 7 Best Smelling Diptyque Candles to Buy Online in 2024

Diptyque candles exemplify the quote, “Good things come in small packages!”

best smelling diptyque candles
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This iconic Parisian brand is renowned for its premium range of handmade scented candles that have stolen the hearts of candle lovers everywhere. Despite the hefty price tag, Diptyque candles are highly sought-after. And why not!

With chic aesthetic details and divine natural fragrances that blow the mind, Diptyque candles are sensational! The high-end French candles make splendid gifts that will impress anyone.

Now, coming to the scents, Diptyque has a creative range of 45 fragrances. So, if you are pondering over which one to pick first, let us help. Here is our list of the seven-best smelling Diptyque candles to blow your mind. Check it out!

1. Baies

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  • The scent of a bouquet of roses and black currant leaves
  • Available in single pieces and packs of 2 or 3
  • Green color wax
  • Elegant white reusable jar


  • Sophisticated and elegant aesthetic
  • Lovely floral aroma
  • Beautiful design that blends into any décor scheme
  • A soft, lingering scent
  • Works well for small spaces


  • Some users mention about condensation in the jar
  • The mild scent does not mask strong, unpleasant odors

Imagine the fresh scents emanating from a garden of roses in full bloom on a beautiful spring evening! Diptyque Baies candle creates a similar sensation with its exotic floral fragrance.

It smells like a bunch of beautiful Bulgarian roses with a slight berry flavor. This fragrance transforms a space into a haven of spring scents that will leave you feeling relaxed and joyful.

The design on the candle is simple yet elegant. The iconic French typography is the statement signature of this brand. While the candle jar has a white, translucent finish, the candle itself has a subtle hint of green color.

The Baies Candle is one of the biggest sellers in the Diptyque range of fragrances. It is excellent value for money as it burns for hours without losing its pleasant aroma. The only issue with this scent is that it isn’t intense. So, you may not be able to mask other strong odors of food or smoke by burning it.

2. Roses

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  • The timeless glamorous scent of blooming garden roses
  • Available in standard-sized 6.5 oz jars
  • White color candle
  • Beautiful white reusable jar


  • A floral, feminine fragrance
  • Lasts long
  • Burns evenly
  • Strong throw


  • Powdery perfume scent which is not liked by everyone

If you love the smell of English roses, Diptyque Roses will be a treat for your senses. The powerful feminine scent is like rose perfume—uplifting, relaxing, and unmistakable.

Enjoy the delightful aroma of roses in spring and make your home feel like a garden with Diptyque Roses. Light this candle, and you will feel the presence of a medley of fresh-cut flowers in the room. It is the perfect choice for when roses are not in season but you crave their fresh, enticing fragrance.

Diptyque brought out a limited version of Roses in pink color jars. However, it is now available as white candles in a printed glass jar. The typography is simple but sophisticated. The candle adds elegance and easily blends into any décor scheme.

Unlike some of the other scents from Diptyque, their Roses candle is strong and has a good throw. The intense perfume quickly permeates the air and can light up a large space like a living room. Nonetheless, it is refreshing and rarely overwhelms.

3. Tubereuse

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  • Proprietary soy-blend candle
  • The scent of tuberose; a white flower that is native to Mexico
  • White color
  • Available in 6.5 oz jars


  • An intense and intoxicating fragrance
  • Floral and feminine scent
  • Undertones of black licorice make the scent enigmatic
  • Burns for long hours
  • Scent works all-year-round


  • The intense and heady aroma may not be to everyone’s liking
  • Not the best choice for everyday use

Diptyque Tubereuse is an exotic scent. Inspired by the very fragrant and expensive tuberose flower that blooms in Mexico, it is powerful and addictive. It is one of the strongest fragrances from the label and is unique. Apart from strong floral tones, Tubereuse has subtle musky undertones that enhance its exquisiteness.

Tubereuse is a good choice for large spaces when you need an intense aroma to permeate the air. It has a good throw, and the gorgeous scent envelops and transforms any space into a fragrant paradise. It blends well with other strong floral scents from Diptyque like Roses and gardenia. Light up these different fragrances together, and you can enjoy a new bouquet of heavenly scents.

The Diptyque Tubereuse candle is white with a hint of yellow color. It comes in a transparent jar. The characteristic French typography on the label and minimal aesthetic helps it blend seamlessly into any décor arrangement.

The glorious aroma of tuberose is soft, clean, and often addictive. Those who like it continue to buy the same scent. If you are looking for a candle that burns clean and is good value for money, Diptyque Tubereuse is a good choice. However, it can come off as overpowering if you are not fond of strong floral fragrances. In that case, a mild Diptyque scent like Baies or Feu de Bois is better.

4. Feu de Bois

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  • A woody aroma
  • Proprietary soy blend wax
  • Comes in a grey tinted container or glass jar
  • Lead-free cotton wick
  • Earthy and rustic scent


  • Has a warm, comforting smell of burning wood
  • Perfect for winter
  • Festive fragrance
  • The intense scent evenly spreads throughout a space


  • Slightly smoky fragrance

Imagine relaxing in front of a warm, crackling fireplace on a cold wintry evening! Diptyque Feu de Bois recreates this effect with its warm, earthy scent of burning wood.

This candle, with its unique name that may leave you tongue-tied, is one of the finest Diptyque scents. The familiar smell triggers nostalgia. Perfect for the holidays, it conjures up images of stockings by the hearth and long shadows beside crackling log fires. Don’t be surprised if it triggers memories of relaxed Christmas evenings by the fireplace.

Diptyque Feu de Bois diffuses evenly and has an enchanting fragrance. Nevertheless, it is not too intense nor overpowering, like the floral fragrances from Diptyque. It easily masks other unpleasant odors and creates a warm, welcoming environment.

The candle is hand-poured in a glass container that is either plain or grey. When lit, the flickering flame looks gorgeous in the grey jar. The soft glow of the burning candle in the grey jar has a rustic and soothing effect.

So, if you miss the warmth of a lively fireplace and the welcoming smell of burning firewood, get yourself a jar of Diptyque Feu de Bois. The sensational smoldering smell will keep the wintry blues at bay.

5. Mimosa

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  • The scent of mimosa flowers, hay, and honey
  • Floral fragrance
  • Available in 6.5 oz jars


  • Fresh and clean smell
  • Familiar floral fragrance
  • Has an intense aroma and a good throw
  • Suitable for all-year use and all occasions


  • The smell lingers long after it is burnt

The rich, deep, and familiar scent of Diptyque Mimosa makes it the perfect choice for daily use. It exemplifies the beautiful fragrances of the warm spring and summer months. Apart from the characteristic scent of mimosa flowers, the candle smells like fresh bales of hay and golden honey. It is soothing and heavenly.

Diptyque Mimosa is a good gifting option. The fragrance appeals to both men and women. Unlike some of the floral fragrances from Diptyque, Mimosa is subtle and pleasant. Meanwhile, it is refreshing and uplifting.

Diptyque Mimosa has a summery vibe. If you miss the beach, this is the scent to try. When it burns, you can almost smell a whiff of salt in the air. Although it is not too strong, Diptyque Mimosa is suitable for spaces of any size. However, burn it in moderation as the lingering smell can become stifling after a while.

This scent is perfect for gifting. It is light and airy. Although mimosa is a floral fragrance, it appeals to everyone. Transform your home into a warm, tropical oasis with the divine smell emanating from Diptyque Mimosa.

6. Oud

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  • Wood-based scent
  • White color
  • Available in 6.5 oz standard jars


  • A charming woody, spicy aroma
  • Has the comforting smell of resin and cedarwood
  • Perfect for the holidays
  • The gentle scent does not overwhelm
  • Layers of fragrance elements


  • The peculiarity of the fragrance may not appeal to all

Diptyque Oud is as intriguing as its name. Inspired by Oriental perfumes, this scented candle is unique and almost exquisite.

As the candle burns, it releases layers of fragrances that excite and leave you wondering about its familiarity. It has the woody, resinous scent of cedarwood. However, you can also identify layers of cinnamon, spice, and other nice things.

The Oud scent bears some resemblance to the Feu de Bois scent from Diptyque. However, it feels more ancient and mature. The almost-vintage aroma lends itself beautifully to dim-lit relaxing spaces where you can snuggle up and doze.

Although there are no floral tones in it, the Diptyque Oud candle is not too masculine. However, it may not be the best choice when you are entertaining. Not everyone takes well to the signature scent of this candle. When in doubt, you should go with the Feu de Bois because the fragrance is not as peculiar and more mellow. Hence, it is more likely to be liked.

7. Figuier (Fig Tree)

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  • The luxurious and delicate scent of fig
  • Vegetable and paraffin wax blend
  • Burns for up to thirty hours


  • Fresh, fruity aroma
  • Refreshing woody fragrance
  • Has a natural and long-lasting scent
  • The perfect scent for a small space
  • Elegant look


  • Some users mention that the fragrance is very mild

Diptyque Figuier mini candle is a refreshing scent with a deliciously fruity aroma and earthy undertones. It is one of the softer fragrances from the brand and is noticeable but not overpowering. When lit, Figuier makes your space feel like the refreshing woods with a scent of crisp green grass. It is sweet with spicy undertones.

Figuier is a rare and unconventional candle scent, as very few candles are available in this fruity aroma. However, do not hesitate to try it for it will delight your senses. It is not a feminine fragrance. Hence, it appeals to everyone.

The most attractive factor about Diptyque Figuier is that it is light and airy. Although it is not overpowering, it will gently infuse the air with a pleasant aroma that lingers long after the candle finishes burning. The size is just right for a small space, like a bathroom or powder room. The gentle, invigorating scent will add a pop of freshness to the vicinity by gently diffusing into the air.

Diptyque Figuier candle fits the description of a romantic, summery fragrance. The classic luxury fragrance is suitable for any time of the year. However, you may like to look at a stronger scent for the holidays. Figuier is too mild to create a festive ambiance.

Overall, if you are looking for a unique, subtle Diptyque fragrance with all the goodness of summer, Figuier is the ideal choice.

To wrap it up….

Candle lovers who prefer superior-quality, luxury, handmade scented candles of the finest quality will find Diptyque irresistible. The clean, natural scents of this brand bring the goodness of nature into your living spaces in the best possible way. This single feature justifies the higher price point of Diptyque candles when compared to other regular lifestyle brands.

When paying extra for a premier-grade candle, it is wise to indulge in scents that will appeal to your taste. We have attempted to make the task of selecting the best-smelling Diptyque candles easy through this post. From over forty-five available scents, we have highlighted the seven most popular and exciting fragrances. Try the different scents in this list to treat your olfactory senses to French perfume at its best.

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