The 7 Best Boy Smells Candle Scents to Buy in 2024

Boy Smells Candles are as unique as their name!

This luxury scented candle brand is the result of the candle-making experiments of two men, Matthew Herman, and David Kien. Hence, the unique name! From what began in their kitchen in Los Angeles in 2016, the company has grown into an iconic luxury brand dealing in scented candles and fragrances.

best boy smells candle scents

The USP of Boy smells candle scents is that the scents feature an exciting mix of both feminine and masculine elements. The brand embraces both “soft” and “bold” scents simultaneously and wraps it up in pretty bouquets that transcend the gender binary. Boy Smells intentionally breaks the gender bias with these scents that are true to the claim that it “burns up expectations, releases clear intentions.”

All Boy Smells candle scents are fantastic. However, some of them outdo the others. Join us as we have a look at the top scented candles from the brand in reverse order of preference.

10. Kush

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If you expect the candle to smell like weed based on its name, you are sure to feel disappointed. While the scent list mentions cannabis, suede, white musk, tulip, and amber, it does not even remotely smell like weed.

So, the title is misleading. But in all fairness, the scent is inspired by the cannabis flower. Light notes of tulip and amber add soft, feminine notes to the candle. Meanwhile, white musk and suede produce a deep, intoxicating masculine fragrance. With the different layers of scents, the fragrance is luxurious and highly sophisticated. It is sweet, delicious, and intriguing, just perfect to transform your living space into a relaxing haven.

9. Cedar Stack

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Boy Smells Cedar Stack is a hearty mix of fruity aromas and classy woodsy fragrances to create an exciting modern scent. Layers of cedar, labdanum, juniper berry, sawdust, and white musk blend to create an intense effect.

When you burn this candle, the scent of cedar chips and sawdust is the highlight. You can almost catch a whiff of tobacco within these notes. Floral notes of labdanum are present but mild. It does not overpower the masculine elements of the scent. Overall, the uplifting fragrance invokes warm, happy feelings. Cedar Stack is a good choice for a winter gift with its floral perfume contrasting with a distinct smokiness to create a festive effect.

8. Ash

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Ash from Boy Smells is a cozy, autumnal scent with the lingering aroma of a crackling fireplace. This fragrance has firewood, smoke, charcoal, palo santo, and hay as the constituents. Although there is a distinct smokiness to the scent, it is neither overpowering nor irritating. Instead, it is delicate and pleasant.

Ash is a welcoming, homely scent. Upon burning it, you will be reminded of the rich smoky effect of burning coal and dry hay. Meanwhile, the scent of berries seeps through to add a rich lusciousness. It is richly fragranced with a well-balanced profile. The different scents in it act together in harmony and create a pleasant effect. Ash has excellent throw and it will quickly fill up your entire home with its intense fragrance.

7. St. Al

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St. Al from Boy Smells is a strong floral scent with beautiful tones of sandalwood. It has an unusual list of constituent scents like sandalwood, clay, clove flower, and ylang-ylang. The different fragrances in this unique mix work together beautifully to produce a crisp, refreshing vibe.

The notes of sandalwood in this candle are rich, creamy, and intoxicating. The aroma is strong and heady, and the floral notes compete with the powerful essence of sandalwood. The candle ignites the senses with its layers of strong but distinct fragrances. You will feel transported to a mysterious, exotic space in its presence.

6. Petal

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Petal Boy Smells candle is refreshingly different from the regular floral scented candles in the market. It does not have the strong, overpowering, powdery fragrance that characterizes most floral scents. Although you can smell the rose in it, it is balanced with the rustic notes of tea flowers, sage, and patchouli.

Boy Smells calls this candle hyper-floral. It is one of their strongest floral scents. The scent lingers and reminds one of a freshly plucked bouquet of red roses long after you extinguish the candle. Interestingly, the scent feels modern. Strong fragrances like patchouli are balanced with the rest of the scents to create a well-rounded, pleasant aroma in this candle.

5. June’s

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June’s is inspired by the renowned June’s café and wine bar in Austin, Texas. It is resplendent with the strong notes of bergamot, cassis, anise, coriander, daffodil, and tonka.

It is not every day that you come across a spicy scent that brings alive memories of warm and comforting meals. Add to it the beautiful imagery of dancing yellow flowers in the background. Memories of places close to your heart will come gushing. June’s from Boy Smells has the magical ability to trigger such memories and leave you feeling nostalgic and mushy. This scent is strong, with a good throw. It is rich and indulgent. Perfect to pep up a boring space with layers of interesting fragrances.

4. Gardener

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Imagine a fresh, clean garden of ripe and juicy tomatoes and luscious honeysuckle. Gardener from Boy Smells invokes memories of such spaces with its indulgent and sweet aroma.

The scent is warm, clean, and universally appealing. Orange, tomato, and honeysuckle are the dominant fragrances. Their strong citrusy scent is balanced by vibrant notes of white tea. On days when it is too cold to step outdoors, this fragrance will trigger memories of warm summers and fragrant spring. It will inspire you to wake up at dawn to tend to your garden and perhaps pluck fresh fruit. It is a scent that boasts of natural goodness and one that appeals to all.

3. Cinderose

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Cinderose from Boy Smells is a rich floral fragrance with a hint of smokiness that subtly creeps in. The smokiness adds a mysterious aura to the scent.

Rose, tuberose, oakmoss, and smoke stand out in this luxurious scent. Of these different scents, the aromas of rose and tuberose are prominent. The smokiness gently creeps into the smell in an almost unexpected way. The smoldering effect adds a posh vibe and reminds one of the beautiful evenings spent beside elegant fireplace settings. Cinderose has a strong throw and is best suited for large living spaces.

2. Les

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Rich notes of black currant, peach blossom, jasmine rice, cardamom, and white cedar permeate create an indulgent experience when LES from Boy Smells is burnt. It is a strong and exciting scent, one that satiates the senses and transports the mind to the streets of New York. It reminds one of the hustles and bustle of life and the many scents associated with this busy pace.

Interestingly, the name “Les” is taken from French. It is a plural article that can be used for both male and female nouns, an apt choice for this scent. This fragrance plays with the rich fruity aromas of berries. It blends it with the refreshing crispness of Jasmine rice and the spiciness of cardamom to create a well-balanced fragrance profile.

1. Redhead

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Redhead is one of the most popular and unique scents from Boy Smells. It is comprised of exotic fragrances like redwood, rose petal, poppy, frankincense, saffron, and musk. All these rare and rousing fragrances create a medley of intoxicating layers.

The aromas of poppy and saffron are rare and exciting. Meanwhile, rose, frankincense and musk subtly balance the effect and create a familiar feeling. This candle is perfect for wintry evenings when it relaxes the senses and evokes calmness and clarity of thought. It is a great find and one. Try it once and you are guaranteed to keep returning to it for the unique appeal of its complex fragrance.

Final note…

Although Boy Smells candles are not easy on the pocket, they are worth trying out. Produced using the finest quality fragrances and hand poured into beautiful containers, they make delightful and irresistible packages. It is indeed quality at its best.

Over the years, Boy Smells candles have mastered the fine art of blending scents to create magical combinations that tingle the senses. The different fragrances work together in perfect harmony to create beautiful sensations that instantly elevate the ambiance of any setting. Don’t lose out on the magical experience of these scented candles, for they are well-worth their price. And do let us know which of the fragrances on our list is your favorite!

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