The 7 Best-Smelling Byredo Candles, According to Experts

Ever since Byredo appeared in 2006, it has been on the fast track to success. Despite the late entry into the world of luxury fragrances, this European brand established a powerful presence with its unique and exquisite scents. Byredo offers various high-end products for those who seek the best in modern luxury. From perfumes and scented candles to leather goods and accessories, the brand has an impressive line of high-quality products.

best byredo candle

Now, if we look at Byredo candles, they are the epitome of elegance with beautiful black wax in handblown glass votives. The label has minimal yet attractive lettering. The overall package is delightfully pretty and adds elegance to any space. Visual aesthetics aside, the scents are intriguing and bewitching. The candles also have a long burn time, making them worth every penny.

So, ready to try it out? Then, here is our list of favorite Byredo scents in reverse order of preference to guide you.

7. Vanquish

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Vanquish has a mystical scent with layers of distinct fragrances. The top note of fresh, young rosebuds quickly gives way to the intense, spicy scent of ginger. As the candle continues to burn, you can smell damp wood, cedar, and guaiac wood. This medley of scents is intoxicating. It transports us into the deep, dark, wilderness of a bushy jungle. At some level, the fragrance also helps to relax and calm the senses. The floral notes and thick, woody fragrance of this scent produces a familiar and peaceful homely feeling.

6. Bohemia

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Byredo’s Bohemia evokes the feeling of being on the move. It has a strong, full-bodied scent that reminds one of the caravans, gypsies, and free-spirited bliss. The most prominent note is of strong and sweet vanilla. However, this fragrance also has hints of smoky opopanax that create a unique blend of scents. The top notes of opoponax are almost honey-like, with a balsamic, herbal effect. It has a strong, raw aura that mixes with the warm, familiar fragrance of vanilla. The blend creates an exciting effect. It is exotic and gently refreshes and uplifts the mood.

5. Tree House

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Going by the name, we would expect Tree House to be a fresh, woodsy fragrance. However, it does not meet our expectations. Instead, Tree House is light and smells like green, fresh wood. Top notes of bamboo blend with base notes of cedar and sandalwood. If you are looking for a deep, smokey, intense fragrance, Tree House may not be the right scent for you. It will most likely be too green for your taste. Although the aroma is powerful, the scent resembles wet, raw wood than a full-bodied, mature wooden scent.

4. Woods

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The Byredo Woods succeeds in evoking the scent of the forest with its rich woody sensations and relaxing fragrance. This complex scent has heavy notes of cedar with light floral hints. The aroma is soothing and transports one into a lush rainforest with thick undergrowth. Overall, it is a magical medley of enchanting smells and is refreshing and soothing. It works well throughout the year and is likable. Although the scent is masculine, it is not off-putting and is suitable for both large and small spaces.

3. Burning Rose

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Byredo’s burning rose is anything but just another rose-scented candle. The signature element is its innate smokiness, which adds a whole new dimension to the overall scent. It elevates the scent by adding complexity to it and makes it utterly divine. It is subtle yet evident. The presence of this smoky element even transforms what would be a typical feminine scent into one that is unisex. As the candle burns, the rich floral notes of rose become engulfed in layers of leathery, woody goodness. These base notes add an element of mystery to the fragrance. This rare scent also is an excellent conversation starter and a great choice while entertaining.

2. Bibliotheque

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Bibliothque from Byredo is rich and masculine. It has a unique, rare, and almost overpowering quality. When the candle is lit, it evokes sensations of warmth, comfort, and satisfaction. It reminds one of expensive, old leather-bound books and luxurious libraries lit by the mere glow of candlelight. The musky fragrance takes us back to a bygone era of exuberance and posh style. Seeping through are woody, floral notes of peonies and violets that calm and relax. However, the strongest floral element of the entire scent is patchouli. Patchouli is a strong scent that is not liked by everyone. However, Byredo overcomes this problem by combining it with the right amount of woodiness to make it pleasant and appealing.

1. Apocalyptic

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The very name of this Byredo fragrance is intriguing. Even frightening! However, you will find the name to be apt once you experience the sensational scent of the candle. The opening notes are hard-hitting. The intense aroma reminds one of fiery burning iron. Balancing this powerful scent is a soft berry flavor. As the candle burns, the smoldering, ashen fragrance gives way to a fresh woody scent. You will also experience the refreshing goodness of oakwood, paper, and birch. There are many layers to the scent that make it exciting, unpredictable, and highly intriguing. This rare and unmatched scent has an excellent throw and lingering quality.

To wrap it up…

Byredo candles are unmatched in their unique scent combinations and unparalleled style. Not only do these beautiful candles liven up the décor with their unique aesthetic quality, but also have remarkable exquisite scents.

Try one of these Byredo fragrances and you will realize why it is worth the hype. It doesn’t take too long to get addicted to these fragrances. Byredo candles are a great choice, whether it is to set the right mood to unwind at the end of a long day or to spice up your entertainment space. Their rich, full-bodied, intense aromas will linger, please the senses, and leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed. Try it out and let us know which of these is your favorite.

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