7 Best Jo Malone Candle Scents, Ranked and Reviewed

When it comes to enjoying a relaxed evening at home, scented candles can do wonders in elevating the experience. And if they are Jo Malone candles, you could not ask for anything better!

best jo malone candle scents

Jo Malone Candles is a premier luxury brand of scented candles from the renowned Jo Malone London brand of fragrances and perfumes. Their founder, Jo Malone, is a legend in the world of fragrances and perfumes. Her candles are the epitome of quality and sensual delight.

Did you know that they were even featured by Oprah on her show?

True candle lovers find Jo Malone candles irresistible despite the high price tag. The luxury candles are all hand-made. Sixteen different artisans are involved in the production of each candle, lavishing attention and perfecting the smallest detail. Hand-poured in the traditional English style, the candles look as stunning as they smell. Each candle arrives in a signature glass candle holder with a silver lid, grosgrain bow, and company label. Most fragrances are available in five sizes, ranging from mini to luxury packs.

Now, let us move on to the most interesting part—the best Jo Malone candle scents. If you are looking to pick just a couple of fragrances from their range, here are the most loved scents to try.

1. Pomegranate Noir

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  • 200 g home candle, available in other sizes also
  • Fruity scent


  • Rich notes of pomegranate, rhubarb, plum, and watermelon
  • Floral undertones of jasmine, lilies, and musk
  • A pleasant, exotic aroma


  • The scent diffuses quickly.

Pomegranate Noir is an iconic Jo Malone scent. This candle is inspired by the same fragrance in the perfumery line.

With rich tones of pomegranate, plum, watermelon, and citrus, this fragrance instantly infuses fruity goodness into any space. Pomegranate Noir is comforting with floral undertones. The sophisticated aroma transforms the atmosphere and creates a festive vibe when lit.

We highly recommend this fragrance for the fall and winter months. The fruity flavors will quickly dispel depressive thoughts and create a festive feel.

However, the scent does not have a strong throw. You will need a bigger candle size for a larger space. Nevertheless, the pomegranate noir is a good Jo Malone scent to try if you are new to the brand. It has universal appeal. No offensive tones and it is not too overpowering.

2. Peony & Blush Suede

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  • 200 g home candle, available in other sizes also
  • Top notes of red apple and peony with sensual suede undertones


  • Opulent, inviting scent
  • Good throw
  • Lingering fragrance
  • Floral scent with undertones of red apples, jasmine, and rose


  • Subtle scent

Imagine a garden full of peonies in full bloom; this candle replicates this scent as it tantalizes the senses with fruity and floral tones.

The peony and blush suede candle from Jo Malone is a medley of lovely floral scents that work together to weave magic. While the top notes are red apple and peony, you can also experience the presence of jasmine, rose, and other floral fragrances.

In most cases, the mixing of different floral scents does not yield good results. However, this is an exception. The floral tones blend seamlessly to create the sensation of a garden in spring. Meanwhile, the supple textural presence of suede adds a third dimension. It feels sensual and sophisticated.

Jo Malone peony and blush suede is the perfect scent to create a romantic setting. However, it may not be the best choice if you are entertaining in a large space. Although there are no offensive notes to the fragrance, it can fade into the background and get lost.

3. Orange Blossom

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  • 200 g home candle, available in other sizes also
  • Clementine flower, orange blossom, and water lily with warm undertones of orris and balsamic vetiver


  • Rich citrus-infused flavor
  • Festive scent that resembles a fresh orange grove in summer
  • Refreshing scent


  • This scent is not as unique as the other signature scents

Expect your senses to be flooded with the aroma of citrusy oranges, earthy flavors, and mild floral undertones by the Jo Malone Orange Blossom. It is as appealing as a summer evening spent in a lush orange grove and triggers powerful memories of childhood.

The best thing about this fragrance is that it is gender-neutral. It is not overpowering and is just a gentle, soothing scent. Perfect for gifting. The zesty tone of the citrusy fragrance works in tandem with the beautiful floral undertones to uplift the overall ambiance.

This scented candle also complements other scents from the Jo Malone range. So, if you are looking to create your signature home fragrance by mixing and matching scents, the Orange blossom should be on your list.

Since it does not have a great throw, you may like to use it with other scents or in small spaces like the bath or bedroom. The only downside to the scent is that it is not exquisite like the other Jo Malone scents. The fragrance may feel familiar. So, the premium price tag attached to it may feel extravagant when it comes to the uniqueness of the scent.

4. Lime Basil & Mandarin

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  • 200 g home candle, available in other sizes also
  • Signature candle from their premium range of scents
  • Top note mandarin, heart note basil, and base note Amberwood


  • A zesty and vibrant fragrance with a peppery edge
  • Amberwood undertone adds a warmth to the otherwise fiery fragrance
  • Sharp fragrance


  • No feminine, floral notes

The Lime basil and mandarin is one of Jo Malone’s premium signature scents due to its unique appeal and zesty fragrance profile.

You can almost taste the tartness of lime and citrus in the presence of this candle. It is uplifting and attractive. However, the sharpness of the fragrance is balanced by warm amber tones.

If you want to perk up the energy of your space, this is the scent to pick. Feel rejuvenated and ready for action by indulging in its invigorating aroma. This refreshing scent is an excellent choice for when you are entertaining or perhaps hosting a game night. The strong throw will mask offensive odors and make your house smell like a bowl of lemons.

The lack of floral tones makes it an almost clean scent. As one of the signature Jo Malone scents, it is a great gifting option that is guaranteed to impress the recipient.

5. London Pine & Eucalyptus

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  • 7 oz candle, available in other sizes as well
  • Top note of pine and strong eucalyptus heart tone


  • A soothing, warm aroma
  • Perfect for the holidays
  • Long burn time and intense throw


  • Although a classic scent, it can be overwhelming in small spaces

Pine and eucalyptus is a classic fragrance with universal appeal. Jo Malone has nailed this combination by balancing the tangy zest of lime and the heady aroma of eucalyptus. The mixing of fragrances is perfect, so neither overpowers the other. It is a festive aroma that invigorates and refreshes the senses. If you are feeling a little down or having a dreadful winter, the pine and eucalyptus can magically uplift your spirits.

The almost medicinal effect of the eucalyptus is refreshing. The candle smells just as citrusy as it is herbal. This fragrant candle is available in a variety of sizes. All of them burn for very long. It creates a pleasant sensation and is ideal for living rooms, open kitchens, and outdoor spaces. The strong throw ensures that the aroma permeates large spaces.

The Pine and Eucalyptus scent is a neutral fragrance and hence it is great for gifting. As a classic scent, it appeals to all. We highly recommend this candle for creating festive vibes. Splurge on it during the holiday season and use it to pep up the ambiance at home.

6. Honeysuckle & Davana

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  • 7 oz candle, available in other sizes as well
  • Top note of Davana, Heart note of English honeysuckle, base note of moss


  • Soothing, fruity aroma
  • A refreshing scent of the countryside during spring showers
  • Well-balanced floral undertones that make it exquisite
  • Unique scent combination that is unavailable in other brands


  • A seasonal scent, not the best choice for the holidays

The Honeysuckle and Davana Home candle is perhaps one of the most underrated but delightful scents from Jo Malone. It has a highly sought-after, matching fragrance in the perfume line.

Images of lush countrysides and rippling springs come to mind when the scent of this candle hits you and the top note of Davana permeates the air. This plant has a rich fruity fragrance, very similar to licorice. It creates an aura of luxury and spice. Meanwhile, honeysuckle at the heart of the fragrance creates nostalgic memories of warm spring showers and fresh glistening grass.

The moss undertone balances the entire scent by adding a woody, earthy tone. Overall, the scented candle will transport you to a typical spring evening after a wet shower and conjure up images of rich greenery.

It is perfect for when you want a respite from a dreary bleak winter evening. Perfect for an evening on the porch or a spa day.

7. English Pear & Freesia

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  • 200 g candle, available in other sizes also
  • Top note of King William Pear, a heart note of freesia, and a base note of patchouli


  • Refreshing autumnal scent
  • An unusual mix of fragrances that work together beautifully
  • Delicate floral tones
  • Long-lasting fragrance that livens up the room long after the candle finishes burning


  • The lingering effect of patchouli can be overwhelming

Jo Malone London English pear and Freesia is the perfect autumnal scent. It reminds one of the fragrances of deliciously lush pear orchards in fall. While being fruity, it also has strong floral tones that make it an invigorating and strong fragrance.

The scent of freesias is unmistakable in this scent and it spreads quickly. Patchouli and amber create a wet, heady lingering note. This scent permeates the air and triggers nostalgic memories of crisp autumn leaves, chilly winds, and moist drizzling rain.

The scent is distinctive and rare. The signature blend of fragrances in this candle is not available in any other brand. It is also strongly floral. The fruity tones compete with lush floral undertones to create a rich, invigorating effect. It is perfect for the holidays and adds festive cheer to the setting.

We recommend that you use this candle occasionally, not every day. It is a fragrance that grows on you, and continuous exposure can make it feel overwhelming.

What makes Jo Malone candles so appealing?

Although there are hundreds of brands of scented candles, Jo Malone enjoys a special privilege in this realm. Various factors create many takers for these luxury candles.

Firstly, Jo Malone candles come in an exciting range of diverse fragrances. The selection is so huge that there is something to suit everybody’s taste. The uniqueness of the scents is another attractive factor. They are anything but typical. Each fragrance has distinct layers of multiple notes that harmoniously blend to create a sensational effect. Rarely do the different notes clash or feel overwhelming.

The aesthetic finish of the candles adds to their appeal. The packaging and details exude sophistication and opulence. With minimum embellishments, the candles have a signature look. The visual quality is unique, and the candles are beautiful even when they are not burning.

To wrap it up….

Anyone who knows their way around scented candles will be in awe of Jo Malone candle scents. These high-quality premium scented candles are elegant, unique, and flawless. Whether it is for self-care, relaxation, entertainment, or invigoration, Jo Malone’s scents do the job perfectly. If you are new to the brand, the diverse options may leave you feeling confused and overwhelmed. We hope our list of the most popular scents from Jo Malone will help you avoid all confusion and start with the best. And don’t forget to tell us, which one is your favorite.

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