The 7 Best Voluspa Candle Scents, According to Reviews

If you go shopping for scented candles, you have a stunning variety of options to choose from. However, the ones that look good rarely smell great, and vice-versa. Voluspa is one of the few scented candle brands that deliver high-quality scents even while looking great.

best voluspa candle scents

This brand, idealized as classic Californian luxe, has a cult following due to its various appealing traits. Gorgeous containers, divine fragrances, sustainable production methods, long burn times; the list of qualities for Voluspa candles goes on.

Here are some of the factors that add to the unique appeal of the brand:

  • Voluspa candles perfectly balance quality with price. Each handmade candle uses the finest quality luxury ingredients, like coconut, soy, and apricot wax. They burn without any residue and last for several hours. The attention to detail is impeccable.
  • Voluspa candles have a flawless finish and unparalleled beauty. The different collections from the brand comprise stunning candles in pretty packages. The candles come in either metallic or glass containers. Their lovely scents and looks are a match made in heaven.
  • Voluspa fragrances are often addictive. The fragrance does not diminish with use and they last for as long as the candles burn.
  • Voluspa candles are made of organic ingredients with 100% natural wicks. They are free of phthalates, sulfates, and parabens. Hence, the brand is eco-friendly. The bottles and containers are beautiful and can be reused long after the candle is gone.

The biggest challenge with Voluspa candles is choosing just one perfect scent. The amazing variety of choices can confuse you. Don’t be surprised if you feel each candle is better than the previous one you saw. The scents are just as beguiling.

So, if you are having a tough time deciding which Voluspa candle to take home, our list of recommendations may prove helpful. Check it out! 

1. Baltic Amber

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  • Comes in a yellow-tinted embossed glass jar with a floral detail lid
  • Notes of amber resin, sandalwood, and vanilla orchid
  • Made of proprietary coconut wax blend and 100% natural wicks
  • 18 oz candle, also available in other sizes


  • Warm, sophisticated fragrance
  • Appeals to all
  • Suitable for all-time use
  • Beautiful detailing on the candle jar


  • The subtle scent may not permeate larger spaces

The Baltic Amber fragrance is a top seller from Voluspa. It has an addictive fragrance with soft notes of vanilla orchid intermingled with hints of sandalwood. The resin adds a warmth to the formula, making it an invigorating and attractive scent. This scent is very calming and relaxing.

The highlight of the Voluspa Baltic Amber scented candle is its gorgeous jar. The embossed glass jar has a warm yellow tint and beautiful prints on the lid. This Japanese-inspired design is captivating, and you will find plenty of use for the jar after the candle burns out. It is also great for gifting.

The Baltic Amber fragrance is perfect for a small space. Since it does not have a strong throw, it may not be suitable for a living space or outdoor area.

2. Mokara

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  • Notes of delicate Mokara Orchid, white lily, and spring moss
  • Comes in a delicate white jar with beautiful white prints on the lid
  • 16 oz candle, available in other sizes also


  • Clean, elegant design
  • Blends into any décor scheme
  • Lovely floral scent
  • No synthetic fragrance


  • Mild scent

The Mokara scented candle from Voluspa is very attractive. It has a pristine white color and a lovely, delicate fragrance. The clean scent lingers and creates a positive, happy vibe.

The prominent tone of the Voluspa Mokara candle is floral. However, the almost powdery floral scent is nicely balanced by the earthy scent of moss at its heart. It is like spring in a jar and triggers memories of beautiful wet spring days.

Light up this candle and your space will smell like a garden of bountiful, beautiful flowers. There is no offensive synthetic note.

The lovely Voluspa jar with elegant details is equally attractive. While the large candles have embossed details on the clear glass container, the smaller sizes come in gorgeous white glass containers with scalloped edges and finely etched details.

3. Goji Tarocco Orange

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  • Notes of Goji Berry, ripe mango, and Tarocco orange
  • Comes in a bright red jar with a festive lid with gold and colorful accents
  • 16 oz candle, available in other sizes also


  • Refreshing citrusy scent
  • Strong and addictive fruity aromas
  • The containers are beautifully detailed and festive


  • Does not have a strong throw

Citrus-scented candles usually have a sharp sting. However, Voluspa Goji Tarocco Orange is warm and zesty. The presence of mango and goji berry in the fragrance balance out the sharp orange flavor, creating a delightfully fruity effect.

A blend of exotic ingredients makes this a signature scent. It is sophisticated and exciting. You can easily identify the tangy but sweet scent of goji berries in each whiff of the candle. It can transform your space into a festive zone with its punchy aroma.

The deep red textured container matches the vibrant colors of the Tarocco orange at the heart of the scent. The intricate detailing on the jar and the beautiful prints on the lid resemble the rich red-streaked flesh of the Tarocco orange.

It is a beautiful décor accessory that will add an exciting pop of color to any room. The color is also perfect for the holidays and will make a beautiful Christmas décor item.

Although the scent is invigorating and fun, it is not too strong. Some users find it too mild for their taste. Nevertheless, it is great for gifting. The scent is neutral and not offensive in any way.

4. Moso Bamboo

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  • Blend of Moso Bamboo, Black Musk, and Japanese Cypress
  • 16 oz jar, available in other sizes also
  • Coconut wax blend
  • Comes in a black jar with Japanese-inspired prints on the lid


  • Rich, musky scent with invigorating scents of the Orient
  • Burns clean and has a long burn time
  • Exotic pattern and divine scent
  • Perfect for daily use


  • The dry incense scent may not suit everyone’s taste

Voluspa Moso Bamboo is an exquisite scent with acrid and musky tones. It reminds one of the tall Japanese Cypress trees and Oriental spas. The scent is enthralling and intense.

If you like dry incense, the fragrance of the Moso Bamboo will impress you. Although it has a powerful aroma, you cannot miss the earthy green fragrance of musk and bamboo. These scent profiles balance the strong heady incense-like flavor. The overall fragrance profile has a tranquil, calm effect, and is soothing. The beautiful black jar is also unique and makes a great display.

Although there are no floral elements to the scent, the Moso Bamboo appeals to men and women alike. It is a great choice for a relaxing evening when you wish to indulge in an exquisite, invigorating scent.

5. Panjore Lychee

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  • The citrusy scent of Panjore Lychee, Cassis, and Sweet Asian Pear
  • Available in 16 oz jars and other sizes
  • Pink color candle
  • Comes in a glass jar with delicate pink wax and gold gold-embellished lid


  • A rich, luxe look
  • Designer motifs in the lid and beautiful embossed details in the jar make it look stunning
  • Fresh, summery, fruity fragrance
  • The pleasant, festive scent
  • Great for gifting


  • Feminine scent

If you are drawn to the fine art of Japanese origami and papermaking, you will like the Voluspa Panjore Lychee scented candle. The design elements on the jar are very refined and elegant. The lid is equally attractive with fantastic gold accents and intricate detailing.

The divine fragrance matches the pretty finish of the glass jar. It has a lovely fruity aroma, with the Panjore Lychee at the heart of the scent. There are strong influences of Cassis and crisp Asian Pears as well. It is a summery fruity scent that delights the senses and transports one to lush orchards of bountiful fruits.

The festive look of the jar makes it a good choice for holiday décor. It instantly adds sophistication and beauty to any setting and looks very pretty on coffee tables and mantles. The fragrance of the coconut wax works beautifully with fruity tones to deliver a delightful effect.

Although there are no floral notes to the Panjore Lychee, it is a feminine scent.

6. Yashioka Gardenia

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  • The scent of gardenia, tuberose, and Tunisian clove
  • 16oz candle, available in other sizes also
  • Silver color


  • Expensive looking candle
  • Delightful floral fragrance
  • Refreshing spicy undertones
  • Clean, fragrant burn


  • Creamy scent

Voluspa Yashioka gardenia is delightfully sweet but not overpowering. It is a refreshing floral scent that does not overwhelm the senses.

If you like the smell of gardenia flowers, you should like the clean and authentic scent profile of this candle. The blend of tuberose works with the gardenia scent to create a rich and creamy fragrance.

You can almost visualize the explosion of beautiful white garden flowers when this candle is lit.  Meanwhile, the crisp Tunisian clove adds punchy coolness. The candle has a powerful throw and the scent permeates the space quickly. It is great for living rooms and bedrooms. The romantic scent is also perfect for date nights.

The candle is just as beautiful as it smells great. Speckled details on the jar create dancing lights in a dimly lit space. It can be quite an entertaining spectacle. The container looks stunning with its silver color and lovely embellishments on the lid. These Voluspa candles ignite festive vibes and add opulence to a setting.

Although the Voluspa gardenia is a floral fragrance, it has universal appeal. It is not as feminine as the Rose collection and can work well when you are entertaining.

7. French Cade and Lavender

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  • The scent of French Cade Wood, Verbena, and Bulgarian Lavender
  • 16 oz candle, available in other sizes also
  • Light green embossed glass jar
  • Japanese-inspired floral motifs with golden accents on the lid


  • An elegant candle that adds sophistication to any space
  • Unique lavender scent profile
  • Calming and fresh scent
  • Soft and sublime aromas


  • Can come off as too mild

Every lavender candle and essential oil has a typical scent that we are all familiar with. Interestingly, this Voluspa lavender scent is different. While it effectively delivers the soothing aroma of fresh lavender, the fragrance is complex and layered. Hence, it is sophisticated and even intriguing.

The candle transports one to lush green meadows in the prime of spring. It is refreshing, beautiful, and enigmatic. Neither is the scent too floral nor too fruity. There is an earthy freshness to the fragrance, with no synthetic feel. The woody undertones add to its exquisiteness. This scent will help you feel refreshed after a tiring or busy day. The soothing aroma calms the mind and helps one to relax.

The delicate embossing on the jar and the elegant label make it a lovely décor piece. The beautiful details on the jar complement the intricate prints on the lid. The touch of gold is another design detail that enhances its appeal. You can repurpose the jar and use it as a décor piece when the candle is gone. It is great for small spaces like the bathroom or bedroom since the scent is subtle.

To wrap it up…

Voluspa has an amazing range of lovely scented candles with divine fragrances. Although the brand is luxury-grade and expensive, the beautiful fragrance and lovely details on the containers make it worth every penny.

Voluspa candles have exquisite beauty and exciting scent profiles. It is, in fact, difficult to decide which is more attractive—the beautiful containers or the unique scents! If you are new to this brand, we suggest that you start with the most popular scents that we have included here. Whether it is for gifting someone you love or for yourself, these fantastic luxury candles will leave you yearning for more. Try it!

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