9 Best Mrs. Meyer’s Scents You Might Want to Try (2024)

Imagine if your hands smelled like fresh peonies after doing the dishes? What if you had the option to have your house smell like a freshly cut Christmas tree all year round? As it turns out, it is possible with Mrs. Meyer’s cleaning supplies.

best mrs meyers scent

Mrs. Meyer’s Kitchen Basics set includes hand soap, dish soap, and a multi-surface cleaner in a variety of scents under their ‘Garden Scent series’: basil, lilac, peony, orange clove, Iowa pine, lavender, apple cider, honeysuckle, and lemon verbena. Each of these scents is made of natural essential oils, is earth-friendly and biodegradable. Each, however, stands out in its own way. Some have a sweet floral smell and others, a more relaxing grounded aroma. Then there are the holiday favorites and the limited edition scents!

Yes, there are so many options that it can be a little overwhelming even.

Which is why we have sifted through the best of the best that the brand has to offer, and presented a run-down of the scents that you should consider before making your final choice. You will learn what’s unique about each scent and what makes them tick with the customers. Nobody wants to be stuck with a hand soap that gives them a headache! So read on, to make an informed decision on which product you would be taking home.

1. Basil Scent

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Key feature:

  • Calm and relaxing, clean and crisp

This is the most popular scent in Mrs. Meyer’s Kitchen Basics Set. And for good reason. The basil scent is calm and relaxing. It has the natural fragrance of freshly cut basil leaves. The scent is strong and long-standing but surprisingly doesn’t give an acute headache like other chemical cleaners. Most customers prefer this scent and have given it a five-star rating because there is nothing to dislike about it. It is a no-nonsense scent that does its job, which is to make sure your dishes, stovetop, and hands smell clean and crisp, with a hint of basil, cucumber, and parsley.

2. Lavender Scent

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Key feature:

  • Floral scent, makes your home smell like a spa

The Lavender scent stands true to its name and smells like a fresh lavender bouquet. For those who like a clean floral scent in their house, this choice would not disappoint. It is strong, without being too overpowering. After you use the lavender-scented hand soap, dish soap, or the surface cleaner, there would be an obvious aroma around the house, but it wouldn’t have the piercing note as in some chemical-rich cleaners. The clean floral scent makes your home smell like a spa, even without having to use an air freshener. This makes it a clear winner for garden lovers.

3. Limited Edition Peony Scent

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Key feature:

  • Floral scent, smells like a summer garden in full bloom

It’s hard to imagine spring and summer without fluffy pink peonies. Mrs. Meyer’s has used this strong association with peonies and the liveliness that summer brings, to create a limited edition product, which hopefully you can stock up on to remind you of summer all year round. What this scent smells like, to be specific, is crushed peonies. This is a must-have in your ‘spring cleaning’ shopping list. The surface cleaner, while making your stovetop squeaky clean, also preps your house for the Spring-Summer buzz.

4. Apple Cider Scent

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Key feature:

  • Smells like a warm cup of apple cider with cinnamon

This scent is a reminder of the cold Autumn evenings when there is nothing more tempting than cozying up with a warm mug of mulled apple cider – a dash of cinnamon in it maybe. That’s exactly what it smells like. Naturally, this product has a festive feel to it and is a top option if you are planning to give your friends and family a little Thanksgiving gift. But more importantly, after you are done with your stuffed turkey, clean up with some Mrs. Meyers’s apple cider cleaner and have your house turn into the most festive one in the block!

5. Honeysuckle Scent

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Key feature:

  • Floral and fruity

Agreed, this is not a very common scent. So it’s natural that you might have some restrictions with shelling your money on it. So let’s elucidate the smell for you. This scent, as the name suggests, is that of honeysuckle flowers. It’s equal parts floral and fruity and does wonders for your mood – especially if you are a person who hates to do kitchen chores but cannot get away with it. The scent of honeysuckle stays for long, almost as if you had an essential oil diffuser going on in the house. This is a scent that you must try out if you are a fan of floral tones.

6. Lemon Verbena Scent

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Key feature:

  • Fresh citrus smell

If you have smelt what crushed lemon verbena leaves smell like, it would be very easy for you to imagine the scent of this product. However, Mrs. Meyer’s product doesn’t smell as strong as the flower, it is light and refreshing. The citrus scent is well-balanced and is suitable for those who are undecided about floral accents but also do not want something as strong as basil. The lemon freshness, though faint, is long-lasting, and gives a sense of cleanliness to countertops and dishes.

7. Orange Clove Scent

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Key feature:

  • A blend of orange and spice

This is one scent that says that you are indeed serious about how your kitchen smells. If you are someone who frequently replenishes your potpourri basket, and lights up incense sticks around the house, this scent is for you. It has an interesting mix of citrus orange with clove, a strong-smelling spice, that brings in the holiday spirit in one spray. This is a strong scent, which can kick any winter gloom right out of your house. It’s hard to remain gloomy amidst something that smells so nice.

8. Limited Edition Lilac Scent

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Key feature:

  • Smells like fresh lilac flowers

Yet another strong contender in the floral department, the lilac scent is for those who like their house filled with a sweet floral scent. This limited-edition product is great for prepping your house for summer and makes for an interesting addition to a gift basket for someone who has moved into a  new apartment. This scent is moderately strong. Trust to get a whiff of summer lilac gardens wherever you spray Mrs. Meyer’s multi-surface cleaner.

9. Iowa Pine Scent

Key feature:

  • Smells like Christmas

This scent is all about the happiest time of the year: the Christmas holiday. Strategically made to smell like freshly-cut Christmas trees, this scent is for all those who cannot wait to get to the end of the year. But here is the catch, it is a limited edition scent which is available only around the holiday time. It is a mix of Iowa pine, clove, and cedar. The smell is very grounded and natural. For those who dislike the sweet floral aromas, this is the best option out there.

Buyer’s Guide

We understand that the scent of a particular cleaning product wouldn’t be your sole criteria for buying the product. There are several other things that come into play: does the product have any harmful chemicals? Does it have any allergens? Is it cruelty-free?

Here, we will answer all your questions about the three products that are part of Mrs. Meyer’s Kitchen Basics Set: liquid hand soap, liquid dish wash, and liquid multi-surface cleaner. 

Before we move on to that, you should know that Mrs. Meyer’s also has a number of other products such as body wash, body lotion, bar soap, laundry detergent, fabric softener, air freshener, and candles besides the ones in the Kitchen Basics Set. All of these products are available in the above-mentioned scents.

So why is Mrs. Meyer’s a good option for your kitchen needs? Here are the four most important reasons.

Mrs. Meyer’s hand soap, dish soap, and surface cleaner use ingredients that are plant-derived. What this means is that the products are made from plants. If you see the ingredient list on the back of the products, you will find names such as Abies Alba (Fir) Leaf Oil which is a plant-derived essential oil, and Benzyl Acetate which is a plant-derived fragrance ingredient, according to their official website.

Mrs. Meyer’s products are cruelty-free. What this means is that they have not been tested on any animals. This is an important reason to support the brand, as many other brands still use/harm animals such as rabbits, rats, mice, and guinea pigs to test if their products work.

The products are paraben and phthalates free. Parabens are chemicals that are used to elongate the lifespan of a certain product. However, they are known to cause hormone dysfunction and are associated with breast cancer. Phthalates have negative effects on the kidney, liver, lungs, and reproductive system.

The products are earth-friendly. They are free of chlorine bleach, which is damaging to the environment and harmful to one’s health; they are free of ammonia, which is one of the important causes of nitrogen pollution that can damage leaves and soil. Mrs. Meyer’s products are made with post-consumer plastic.

Final Thoughts

With its crisp smell, that’s both relaxing and refreshing, the basil scent in Mrs. Meyer’s Kitchen Basics Set is a clear winner. The scent smells natural and leaves all that it touches with a clean look and aroma. This makes it stand out among the others.

Having said that, all Mrs. Meyer’s scents are plant-derived and do not contain any harmful chemicals. They are safe to be used on any sealed surface, be it wood or granite, be it refrigerator or oven. As mentioned in the buyer’s guide, conscious shopping involves looking for whether the product is earth-friendly and cruelty-free. All the products that we have mentioned in the article check these boxes.

The kitchen is an important part of the house, and it deserves to have a welcoming feel, with a pleasant aroma, and clean counters. With our detailed reviews, you are ready to buy all the products that will turn your kitchen into a space that you desire to be in. Thank you for reading the article, and we hope it helped you pick the right scent!

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