7 Best Smelling Yankee Candles You Can Buy Online

Yankee candles have been an American household favorite since 1969 when founder Michael Kittredge created his first aromatic candle. Over the decades, the company has perfected the art of creating beautiful candles with delightful scents.

best smelling yankee candles

If high-quality scented candles with uplifting and inviting fragrances are your weakness, Yankee candles are guaranteed to impress you. Made from high-quality materials with an exhaustive range of delicious scents, they are one-of-a-kind.

The candles burn for a minimum of one hundred hours, making it worth every penny. They also have attractive natural scents and lovely colors. Whether you want a seasonal fragrance, a classic scent, or an intriguing flavor, Yankee candles have it all.

With Yankee candles, there is something for everyone. But how do you find your favorite?

Begin with our list of the seven best smelling Yankee candles to find the one that you love.

1. Pink Sands

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  • The fragrance is a mix of bright citrus, floral, and vanilla scents
  • Light pink color
  • 22 oz candle
  • 110 to 150 hours burn time


  • Soft and delightful color
  • Subtle but pleasant fragrance
  • Fresh summery aroma


  • The fragrance is very mild

Yankee Pink Sands is an ode to tropical beaches and the pleasant scents associated with these paradises. The refreshing summery fragrance will trigger memories of strolls along the sea and the relaxing smell of fresh sand. You can almost catch a whiff of the salt in the air and the sand when this candle is lit.

The scent of Pink sands is floral with citrusy undertones. The fragrance is not overpowering, but it lingers and uplifts. The pretty soft pink color adds to the appeal of the product.

The candle burns evenly and neatly. Unlike various other brands, the fragrance is discernible until the entire candle burns out.

The mild scent of Pink Sands does not usually work for bigger spaces. It does not spread quickly and is very soft. So, Pink Sands Yankee candles are better suited for baths and bedrooms. Indulge in the romantic aroma of this candle when you are feeling down or tired. It will help you drift off into the pleasant memories of holidays in the past.

2. Clean Cotton

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  • The scent of sun-dried cotton with green notes, white flowers, and lemon
  • White color
  • Lasts for 110 hours or more
  • Natural fiber wick


  • Clean and fresh fragrance
  • Subtle and pleasing aroma
  • Appeals to almost everyone


  • Mild fragrance makes it unsuitable for large spaces

Yankee Clean Cotton has an unobtrusive, no-frills smell that will not offend anyone. It is clean, fresh, and crisp. This candle reminds one of freshly laundered clothes or the clean breeze on a pleasant spring morning.

The pure white color looks divine and works with most décor schemes. Although it has a soft scent, the aroma quickly permeates the air when the candle burns. It makes the home feel like it is well-cared for. The candle looks and burns clean and does not leave any ugly soot.

Yankee clean cotton is a perfect gifting option if you are unsure of the preferences of what the recipient likes. It is a safe choice as the neutral, but the clean fragrance will appeal to everyone.

Clean Cotton is suitable for people who are sensitive to strong smells. So, you can use it when entertaining. The scent will quickly mask any unpleasant odor and keep your house smelling clean and welcoming all day long. It is the kind of smell that leaves you energized and refreshed.

3. Angel’s Wings

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  • Comes in a large jar
  • Has 7% fragrance oil offset
  • Pure white color
  • Burns for 100+ hours


  • Pleasant sugary smell with floral undertones
  • Burns clean
  • Beautiful, smooth white finish
  • Perfect for the holidays


  • Comes in one size

The Angel’s Wings Yankee candle is very popular because of its unique soothing fragrance. It reminds one of their fondest holiday memories. The smell resembles that of traditional sugary cakes, freshly baked goodies, and other delicious treats.

The inviting scent of this candle creates a cozy vibe. It makes the entire space warm and welcoming.

The fragrance oil in this candle is more powerful than most other Yankee candles. You can smell it even when the candle is not burning. Hence, it is good for large spaces.

The aroma of Yankee Angel’s Wings will fill up the entire space with a lingering smell. Since it has a good throw, it is a popular choice for entertaining. It is not overpowering. Additionally, the clean white color makes it a great gifting option.

The only downside is that it comes only in one size. So, unlike with other Yankee candles, you must settle for the available size. Nonetheless, the Angel’s Wings Yankee candles are usually loved by all those who try it. The fact that this becomes a staple in their households makes it worth a try.

4. Vanilla Cupcake

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  • Rich buttery aroma of frosted vanilla cupcakes with a hint of lemon
  • 22 oz scented candles
  • Available in different sizes
  • Burns for up to 150 hours
  • Off-white color


  • Deliciously inviting scent
  • Intensely fragrant
  • Has a great throw
  • Burns without any dark residue


  • The strong scent may be overwhelming for sensitive people

Of all the different vanilla scents from Yankee candles, the Vanilla Cupcake is the most popular. The fragrance is rich, invigorating, and heavenly. It creates a tranquil effect, and the smell appeals to both genders and people of all ages.

Yankee vanilla cupcake tantalizes the mind with its resemblance to delicious, buttery, cupcakes with lush frosting. It makes you feel as though you are in the comforting presence of freshly prepared decadent deserts. It also has mild citrusy undertones that complement the strong vanilla scent.

One of the best things about this Yankee scent is the intensity. It has a good throw and permeates the air quickly. A single candle can make a big room feel welcoming. The pleasant color looks divine as it flickers and burns.

The Yankee vanilla cupcake candle lasts for up to 150 hours. The scent does not diminish with use. It is a great item to stock for those times when you wish to hide other unpleasant odors in your home.

Apart from the vanilla cupcake, the other vanilla flavors from Yankee candles include French vanilla, Lavender vanilla, and coconut vanilla.

5. Black Cherry

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  • Tangy cherry scent with hints of apple and cinnamon
  • Available in jars of different sizes
  • Rich cherry red color
  • Burns for 110 to 150 hours


  • Lovely fall scents
  • Has a natural fragrance of ripe, luscious cherries
  • The scent lingers
  • Exquisite and attractive color


  • Mild smell

Yankee black cherry is a refreshing autumnal scent that celebrates the juicy, delicious flavors of rich red cherries. The luscious color and deep fragrance make it an exquisitely scented candle that looks as good as it smells.

Although the smell of cherry is distinct, you will also notice the subtle undertones of apple and cinnamon. One of the main things that sets this scent apart from other cherry-flavored candles is the authentic scent of freshly picked cherries.

The best way to perhaps describe the Yankee black cherry is a simple but memorable scent that will recreate the flavors in a busy kitchen in autumn. While the candle has a refreshing, seasonal fragrance, it does not have a strong throw. Hence, the black cherry is best used in small spaces like the bedroom or kitchen.

The scents linger even after you extinguish the candle. The long-lasting scent makes it excellent value for money.

Overall, it is a fantastic choice for wintry evenings as it adds immense cheer to bleak, grey days.

6. Lemon Lavender

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  • The scent of tangy lemon and sweet lavender flowers
  • 22oz candle
  • Lavender color candle
  • Available in more than one size


  • Has a lovely, addictive scent
  • Burns clean


  • Scent can seem too strong

Yankee lemon lavender scent is the ideal choice when you need a candle for any occasion. It is intensely aromatic, perhaps one of the strongest scents from the brand.

Although the scent is strong, it is fresh and fragrant. The smell of the citrus and lavender blend has a rejuvenating effect. This Yankee candle reminds one of the outdoors with its beautiful color and fragrance. The intoxicating fresh scent quickly becomes addictive.

It is a good idea to stock up on the Lemon Lavender candle if you entertain quite often. The intense smell quickly spreads and reaches every nook and corner. You can even feel its presence in the adjoining rooms. So, it is suitable for big spaces and outdoor venues.

Yankee lemon lavender scent can help you get rid of offensive and unwanted odors in a space. The strong presence of lavender and lemon will mask other smells and make the air bearable. However, if you are easily overwhelmed by strong scents, you may like to stay away from this candle.

7. Macintosh

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  • Refreshing fragrance of lush orchards with juicy Macintosh apples and crisp greens
  • Long-lasting candle
  • Bright red color
  • Available in various sizes and shapes
  • Natural fiber wick


  • The strong scent of tart apples
  • Fruity fragrance appeals to everyone
  • Attractive red color
  • Available in a variety of sizes for different needs


  • Scent can come off as overpowering for sensitive people

The Yankee Macintosh candle has a unique, sensational smell that instantly energizes and invigorates.

The fragrance notes of the scent are three-layered. When you first burn it, you can identify the tangy aroma of crisp apple peels and lush orchard greens. In a short while, tart tones of grapefruit and juicy Macintosh apples appear. Finally, rounding up the rich aroma are the fragrances of cloves and musk.

The different layers to this scent make it a powerful reminder of a meadow or Farmer’s market. The throw is strong. Burn it in a corner, and the entire space will dance to its fragrance. The bright color adds to the beauty of the flickering flame, creating a delightful visual.

Fans of this seasonal Yankee scent find it addictive. It is the perfect choice for entertaining and creates a welcoming ambiance replete with divine fruity tones. Perfect for relaxing and as satisfying as biting into a fresh Macintosh apple ripened to perfection.

The Yankee Macintosh candle is the perfect icon of autumn. Add it to your candle collection to bring alive the refreshing memories of changing colors and fresh fruit.

To wind up….

Unlike cheaper candles that quickly lose shape and smell plain with continuous use, Yankee candles are super-efficient. They are created with curated, lush, natural ingredients from all over the world. Use them to set the right mood and create fond memories. An additional benefit is that the candles have 100% natural paraffin wax and no artificial additives.

The quality and uniqueness of the scents add to the appeal of Yankee candles. They come in a mesmerizing range of fragrances for any occasion or event. Whether it is to enjoy a relaxing evening at home or to light up the entertainment, you will be spoilt for choice.

However, this variety can also confuse you. The best way to find your favorite scent is to visit a Yankee candle store and let your nose make the decision. However, if this is not possible, our list of best Yankee candles will be handy. In this post, we have covered the most popular Yankee candle scents. By describing how each candle looks and smells, we have attempted to make the selection process less intriguing. Whether you prefer powerful and lingering fragrances like lemon and lavender or soft aromas like pink sands, there is an option to suit your taste. Try it and transform your home into a beautifully fragrant haven! And don’t forget to drop us a comment about which fragrance you love most.

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