7 Best Embroidery Floss of 2024, According to Reviews

How exciting would it be to make a bracelet from scratch for your best friend? Imagine turning your tea towels into pieces of art by stitching small embroidery patterns on them. Step one to bring these ideas into fruition is to get a set of embroidery floss that suits you the best.

Embroidery floss is a thick thread that consists of six strands of loosely twisted thin threads. The floss is generally over eight yards long and is sold in a coiled form called a skein.

You can use the embroidery floss for a number of craft activities that include making cross-stitch patterns, string art, tassels, or even exotic pairs of macramé earrings. What more, the product is of equal use to an adult as it is to a child.

If you are new to the world of embroidery floss and haven’t bought one before, it might be a little confusing to decide which one to invest in. That’s where we come in. We have rounded up the seven best brands in the market today.

What You Should Know Before Making Your Buy?

Each skein has a small label that in most cases has the number corresponding to the color of the skein. This is usually in accordance with the DMC Color Code. DMC stands for Dolfus-Mieg and Company — a French company that makes embroidery thread and is known to have come up with a chart that shows a number corresponding to every color of thread that they make.

This is especially useful if you run out of a color and want to replenish it. In cases where there is no color code on the label, you can refer to the DMC chart that is available online, and match the color of the thread to the number stated on the chart.

Know your priority: do you want your floss to be smooth or rough, shiny or matte? Do you want bright colors or pastel finish? Are you looking for a set that has single skeins of multiple colors, or do you plan to use a lot of just one color?

Some sets even come with needles and bobbins. If you are a beginner, you might want to buy one with those, to start things off. And very rarely do embroidery floss sets include shades of black, grey and white. If you are particular you want those shades in your project, you will have to specifically look for them.

Now, with these pointers in mind, let’s dive into the details of each product that we have shortlisted for you.

1. Premium Rainbow Color Embroidery Floss by Mira Handcrafts

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This cotton embroidery floss includes popular pastel shades. There are multiple skeins of each color so that you don’t run out of a certain thread while creating a pattern. It comes with embroidery needles as well — providing the complete tool kit for beginners to kickstart their project.


  • The floss is made of cotton
  • Includes 105 skeins per pack
  • Includes 35 different colors per embroidery floss pack
  • Each floss is 8.75 yards long and includes six strings
  • Includes a set of 10 embroidery needles and one threader
  • Comes with a storage case


  • DMC color card is included to organize your threads after use
  • The threads are colorfast
  • Can be machine washed


  • The thread tends to break easily
  • Doesn’t include white color shade

Embroidery floss is thick and cannot be used with regular needles. This is why this set comes with 10 ‘embroidery’ needles (they have a bigger eye than the normal needles) and a threader to make it easy for beginners. The fact that it has all the tools, including a storage case, makes it a great gift option for teens, pre-teens, or adults who are into the craft.

For the amount you pay, you get a large quantity of thread and a wide range of colors. And there are three skeins of each color, so you can confidently get started on any pattern without the fear that you might run out of certain thread color. Most other brands sell only one skein per color.

However, suppose you run out of a certain color thread, there is a DMC color card that can help you buy skeins of that exact color to ensure continuity of your project. All you have to do is note the number on the DMC Card that corresponds to the thread color that you need and buy it separately.

The colors are more on the dull side. The floss is also a little rough to the touch and tends to tangle when not used with care.

2. Caydo Embroidery Floss

Caydo’s embroidery flosses are vibrant and bright. They make beautiful holiday decorations, tassels, and bracelets. These are perfect to take along on your travels. They come with bobbins and a resealable bag in which you can safely store all the threads.

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  • Consists of 50 skeins of bright colors
  • Includes 12 pieces of floss bobbins
  • The floss is made of polyester
  • Each floss is about 8.75 yards long and consists of 6 threads


  • The floss is durable and doesn’t break or fray
  • Each floss can be easily split into individual threads according to your need
  • The threads are of vibrant colors
  • Comes in a sturdy resealable bag


  • The threads tend to tangle easily
  • The threads are not color-coded

Caydo’s embroidery floss set includes 50 skeins of one color each. The colors are bright and vibrant, strikingly so. This characteristic makes it a good option for holiday decorations, string art home decor, etc.

The floss is soft to the touch, and its strands can be easily separated. Each floss consists of six strands, but based on your knitting, embroidery, and craft needs you can split them into sets of two, three, etc. This process is usually tricky as the thread can tend to knot and bundle up. However, Caydo’s floss yields well. It is also strong and doesn’t break easily.

Used threads can be neatly organized with the help of bobbins that are part of the floss set. This ensures that threads don’t mix and create messy tangles.

The only drawback with this product is that there is only one skein per color, and there is no color code chart to compare and note the number of the color that you may require to replenish.

3. Rainbow Color Embroidery Floss by LE PAON

If you want your friendship bracelets and embroidery stitches to have a glossy shine, then this brand is for you. Make full use of the highly durable thread to make embroidered designs on fabrics and colorful bracelets.

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  • Includes 50 different colors of embroidery floss
  • The colors are rich and bold
  • Made of mercerized cotton, which means they have a lustrous finish
  • Each floss is 8.75 yards long and has six embroidery strings


  • The floss is colorfast
  • The threads do not fray and are durable
  • The floss has a silky shine to it


  • The colors don’t match the ones shown on the package
  • The floss s rough to the touch

This product works great for projects that don’t demand specific colors to be used. The colors that you get when you order this product might not necessarily match what’s shown on the package. Sometimes the set includes several shades of one color than others and most often the black, grey, and white colors are missing.

However, besides the mismatch of colors, the threads you get for the price are of good quality and quantity. The thread is made of mercerized cotton, which gives it a silky shine. But the texture is a little rough to the touch. This can be easily managed by applying a little beeswax.

The thread is not color-coded. It might get challenging to replenish specific colors as and when you need them. Which is why it works for craft projects such as making bracelets instead of embroidery patterns.

4. SOLEDI Premium Rainbow Colors Embroidery Floss

This set of embroidery floss has a matte finish and has a mind-boggling shade of colors. When you order Soledi’s embroidery floss, you get a whole embroidery kit that includes bobbins and thimble, besides the floss, gearing you up for your DIY journey.

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  • Includes 150 different colors, including black and grey
  • Each skein is 8.75 yards long and includes six strands 
  • The thread is made of polyester and has a matte finish
  • Comes with 10 embroidery needles, 12 cylindrical bobbins, and one thimble


  • The floss is durable
  • The color of the thread does not fade
  • The thread does not shrink
  • Can be used in the washer and dryer


  • The skeins do not have the color number on their wraps
  • Some strings have knots in them

The set includes skeins of 150 different colors. There are no color repeats, but each color comes in five to six different shades comprising both light and dark ones. The set also includes two shades of white, but many reviewers mention the lack of a black color thread in their orders.

None of the colors, however, has a label with a color code. It’s therefore a little confusing to figure out the exact shade of a color to buy if you run out of a certain color thread while doing a project.

The flosses come in a zip closure bag. The threads, once used, can be stored conveniently by wrapping them around bobbins that come along with the set.

Each floss is extremely smooth to touch, and the strands can be separated with ease. Unlike other brands, they don’t tangle easily. However, some strings have knots in them and can be challenging to work with.

5. Paxcoo Embroidery Floss with Needles

Paxcoo’s thread colors are bright and have a silky sheen on them, making them a top option for string art home decor. The best part: it comes with a set of 16 embroidery needles. If you are new to embroidery, this is the product for you.

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  • Includes 124 skeins of embroidery threads
  • Each skein is eight meters long and includes six strands
  • The floss is made of polyester-cotton
  • Comes with a set of 16 embroidery needles of sizes 3 to 9
  • The thread colors are vibrant


  • The eye of every needle is a distinct gold color making it easier for a beginner to insert the thread
  • The floss is smooth and shiny
  • The threads are strong and easy to pull apart
  • The floss is colorfast
  • The floss set is relatively inexpensive


  • The skeins do not have a color code
  • Colors such as teal and combinations of blue and green are nil or limited

Paxcoo’s embroidery thread is for those who like their friendship bands, string art, or cross-stitch project strikingly colorful. Out of the 124 colors available, around 100 are bright and vibrant.

Black and gray colors are a rarity in embroidery threads. But Paxcoo’s product includes both and a few shades of white. The shades of brown and yellow are visibly more than the other colors. However, there aren’t multiple skeins of the same shade. So if you are working on a large project that uses a single color, you will have to buy the whole set of embroidery floss again, as the brand doesn’t sell individual color skeins. The threads are also not color-coded, making it difficult to ensure continuity in a color-specific embroidery pattern.

This is great for beginners especially because it comes with a set of 16 embroidery needles between the size of three and nine that are perfect for ribbon and cotton threads. Plus the eye of the needle is colored gold to make it easy for the user to insert the thread into the needle.

6. Athena’s Elements Unicorn and Mermaid Color Embroidery Floss

If you are looking for a bunch of embroidery floss to add to your thread collection, this is the best choice. There are multiple skeins of each color, making it a convenient option for both small and big projects ranging from a small bracelet to an elaborate embroidery pattern.

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  • Comes in themes such as mermaid, rainbow, unicorn, and unicorn and mermaid colors
  • Includes 100 skeins of embroidery threads
  • Each skein is 8.75 yards long and contains six strings
  • The floss is made of cotton


  • The thread colors include both bright and pastel shades
  • The floss is colorfast
  • The thread is durable and doesn’t break


  • The color code labels are sticky
  • The threads tend to tangle

This set of embroidery floss has just the right colors for you to make a magical unicorn or a colorful mermaid. Some colors also have a shimmer, adding the necessary gloss to your project.

While the thread is thick and durable to the most extent, sometimes, you might find a few strands knotted within a string. This has to be removed carefully. There are multiple skeins for each color, and you can find the DMC code for each on a label that’s wrapped around each skein.

The labels tend to stick to the thread, fuzzing them up a bit. Rip them carefully. Overall, this is a great product to stock up if you are an embroidery craft enthusiast. You get a ton of colors at a reasonable price.

The threads come in a modest plastic bag, with no specific instructions or cross stitch ideas. It works best if you are buying it for personal use, or to replenish a few colors that you might have run out of.

7. LOVIMAG Premium Rainbow Color Embroidery Floss

Your kids will love Lovimag’s soft embroidery floss. They are bright-colored, strong, and come in large quantities. They have a silky texture, and are suitable for all DIY projects, but more for ones that involve braiding and knotting.

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  • Includes 140 skeins
  • Each floss is 8.75 yards long and contains six strands
  • Comes in an airtight bag
  • There are more bright colors than subtle ones


  • The color of the thread does not bleed or fade
  • The floss is soft and silky
  • The colors are numbered making it easy to look for and replace a particular color


  • Tend to get tangled
  • Not enough black and white compared to other shades

Though the packaging says that it includes 140 colors, most times, a few colors repeat. Also, there are more shades of green than any other color.

If you are looking for something that your kids could use for friendship bracelets or other crafts, then no doubt this is a great product. But if you are planning to cross-stitch or use it for embroidery purposes, consider these two points: one, some colors are unraveled. What this means is that the six strands of thin threads that usually make a floss don’t stand together, but separate, making it difficult to use the floss as a whole with all of its six threads. Two, each color has a slightly different thickness, which might be noticeable in a completed project.

Also, the skeins are delivered all in one airtight bag, so the threads need to be taken out with care. It’s a lot of thread for a relatively small price, and definitely worth it if your kids have a lot of friends and plan to make bracelets for each of them.

Concluding thoughts…

You can do a ton of DIY projects with a kit of embroidery floss. All the above-listed brands provide you with a wide range of colors, and the necessary tools such as needles, bobbins, and thimble that come handy when using the floss. We have listed the pros and cons of each brand, and also highlighted the features that stand out in them. This tight summary for each should help you get some clarity on what would best suit your needs. Hope you have made your pick, and are on your way to braiding colorful bracelets.

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