Top 9 Best Poo-Pourri Scents, Ranked (2024 Reviews)

This might be a scenario that you can relate to: you are in your friend’s place, and want to use the toilet badly for – let’s just be blunt, shall we? – pooing. But you are horrified thinking about the after-smell. As time passes, your discomfort grows, ruining what would have been an otherwise perfect evening. A poo-pourri scent is your savior in such social catastrophes.

best poo pourri scents

What Exactly is a Poo-Pourri?

Just going by the name, you might have guessed that it has something to do with fragrance (much like the potpourri that’s on our center table), and something to do with poo. And you are right. Poo-Pourri is a revolutionary product that leaves your bathroom perfumed for long after you go potty. No more gagging when you enter the restroom soon after your teenage children did.

All you have to do is spray some poo-pourri essential natural oil twice or thrice inside the toilet bowl, and you will see a thin film of oil that forms on top of it. Since oil does not dissolve in water, the oil that’s the poo-pourri scent acts as a blanket on the water, locking in the odor of the poo, preventing it from going beyond it. It’s simple science. But solves a complicated issue of the ill-scented toilets.

All flavors of the poo-pourri scent are effective. Some are strong, and some more subtle. There are many to choose from – like lavender vanilla, original citrus, etc. To make things easier for you, we have a round-up of the nine best in the market today.

Wait, is there any downside to using these?

None. These are made of natural compounds. The products are free of aerosol (that contributes to climate change); do not contain parabens (that are believed to affect the function of certain hormones), phthalates (associated with a host of issues including asthma and cancer), or formaldehyde (a cancer hazard). And they have not been tested on animals. So you can have a clear conscience when using them.

For those who are eco-conscious, it is fair to ask: is it okay if all that oil goes into the septic tank? Of course, it isn’t advisable to pour bottles of oil into the tank, it can have adverse effects, the ecological balance can go for a toss. But with poo-pourri, you only spray such small amounts that it is unlikely to have any negative effect at all. Use just enough to mask the malodorous smell after you attend to nature’s call.

1. Royal Flush Scent

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What’s exciting about Royal Flush, besides its name (who wouldn’t want to buy something that identifies itself as Royal?), is the fact that it smells like fresh tea from the kitchen. Royal flush is a blend of eucalyptus and spearmint essential oils — the two herbal smells that are both refreshing and healing. And it works great for those who cannot stand the overly sweet and cheerful smell of peach, berries, or vanilla on a Monday morning.

You would be surprised how easily this product becomes part of your daily life – like using a deodorant after the shower, or perfume before stepping out. Why would anyone say no to something that makes their toilet smell like fresh eucalyptus leaves, soon after taking a dump? Squirt a drop or two of this after you are done with your ‘job’, and it would mean a giant favor to those next in line for their morning ritual.

2. Original Citrus Scent

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Think citrus, and two things come into mind: breakfast juice and a squeaky clean countertop. This scent is a potent mix of lemon, bergamot, and lemongrass natural essential oils. Bergamot is an oily substance extracted from the rind of Seville orange. It is widely used in perfumes and is said to have a combination of smells that’s floral and fruity. Now, no matter how strong a scent you leave after ‘you go’, you can’t compete with the citrus trio. This is your product, especially if you are a family of more than two with just one bathroom. You are welcome!

This scent is a fighter – it stays long after you flush, and reminds you of fresh yellow lemons every time you step into your toilet. Sometimes, especially for those who never earned much from their lemonade stall as kids and for those who are not a big fan of the citrus smell, this can come across as overpowering. Because this scent does leave a strong fragrance. By using this you make a bold statement that you know toilets smell, and you are doing something about it. Can others say the same?

3. Lavender Vanilla

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It’s hard to think anything negative when you say the words ‘vanilla’ or ‘lavender’. This scent is made of a combination of the two natural essential oils. The smell is subtle but durable. Spray this, and you will only have a whiff of a sweet smell that’s neither jarring nor utterly weak.

Carry a 2 oz bottle of this scent in your bag when out for dinner — be it at a restaurant, or your friend’s house. A slight spray of this into the porcelain bowl before you sit on the throne does the job. The smell is subtle, almost like walking into a posh spa. This way, you don’t announce to the whole world that you use a spray to mask the stink after bombing the bowl, but at the same time, walk out of the toilet leaving it smelling better than before. Talk about keeping things natural!

4. Vanilla Mint

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This is a smell that will validate that your toilet is indeed clean and inviting, to all your guests. The strong, sometimes overpowering, smell of Vanilla Mint natural essential oils can give your toilet a spring-cleaned feel. Almost reminiscent of a strong medical floor cleaner.

But guess what, it is exactly for this reason that you can be a hundred percent confident that there would be no lingering smell of your ‘number two’, no matter how frequently you go. Carry a small amount of it in your purse as this can do magic in a smelly public restroom. On a long drive, this could be your best friend. We all know what an ordeal going to a public bathroom can be. Not with a strong whiff of vanilla mint, no, sir.

5. Tropical Hibiscus Scent

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This scent is a blend of hibiscus, apricot, and citrus natural essential oils. The product does its job – be brave to use the restroom even a few seconds after your husband has just been in. No problem. Just spraying two-times makes a world of a difference, keeping the embarrassingly unpleasant smell of your ‘download’, away.

The poo-pourri scent smells unlike any other scents by the brand. It has a tropical flavor that’s equal parts fruity and minty. It can get you out of the sourest moods. Wouldn’t it be nice to start your day imagining a pleasant day out in the tropical islands? Yes? Then this is your product.

6. Ship Happens Scent

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You read that right, this scent of poo-pourri is called Ship Happens, a funny take on the more crass ‘Shit’. The name alone makes it a great gift-giving option for your friends. A bottle of this in the lavatory can be a great conversation starter. Who wouldn’t be curious about setting sail on this ship? Scent 4 poo-pourri is a blend of coconut, freesia (a flower that belongs to the iris family and smells like strawberry), and citrus natural essential oils.

The beauty of this scent is that it is a quiet worker. There is no obvious fragrance in the air, and no trace of any miasma either. You can walk confidently out of the toilet rest assured that the bad odor has been efficiently masked. This is a great product for those who are sensitive to strong smells and can be used if you need a break from the other stronger flavors.

7. No. 2 Scent

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With a name like that — No. 2 Scent — it is sure to crack anyone up. But when it comes to functionality, this is a serious add-on for your toilet. This product is a blend of peach and mixed berry natural essential oils. Yes, we are still talking of a toilet scent and not a bar cocktail. A few drops of this and your toilet bowl will smell like a summer fruit garden minus the bees.

The fragrance is moderately strong, but not overpowering. Even those who have a sensitive nose would find this pleasant – for, it doesn’t have a sharp tone to it like some of the head-piercing perfumes that you get in the market. However, more than peach and berry, what this poo-pourri scent smells like is a freshly squeezed lemon.

8. Merry Spritzmas Vanilla Peppermint Scent

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If you are wondering what to stuff inside the Christmas stocking this year, we have the perfect gift idea for you. How about a Merry Spritzmas poo-pourri? While this might send the room cackling, soon they would also realize the magic that a few squirts of this bottle can do. With a strong smell of vanilla and peppermint, this is a reminder of why we love our winter holiday so much. It is a must to stock up on before December comes, but really, there is no reason why you shouldn’t have a bottle in your bathroom all year round. Squirt a little bit of this before you go, and you won’t need to wait for Christmas to feel like it’s Christmas!

The seasonal scent, made of essential oils, has a mellow and soothing smell, far different from the synthetic smell of the air fresheners. While the main place of it is in your toilet, you can also spray some of it on your trash bags or laundry. Make sure to get a 4 oz bottle for use around the house, and save the smaller ones to carry around in your purse for when you have to urgently ‘go’ while at your boyfriend’s house.

9. Pumpkin Chai Scent

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Here’s something that’s a must-add in your Thanksgiving shopping list: a large bottle of Pumpkin Chai scent poo-pourri. Why? When inviting a house full of guests, a good-smelling toilet is the pinnacle of good housekeeping. This scent has a hint of all the smells that the autumn season is associated with: pumpkin, cinnamon, and citrus. The essential oils work their magic in masking any smelly odor.

Now, you don’t have to worry about that heavy stuffed turkey dinner you served to everyone. Because no matter what, your toilet is going to smell like fresh cinnamon buns and pumpkin pie. No more lighting candles or running the vent fan in full blast. The essential oil keeps the smell at bay through the whole time, during, and after, the ‘job’ is done. Have a bottle of this in your purse, especially when out on a cruise or a vacation. The world will thank you for it.


The poo-pourri scents are available in 2 fl oz, 4 fl oz, and 8 fl oz bottles. Considering that three to five sprays make for one use, a 2 fl oz bottle can last for up to 100 uses, a 4 fl oz up to 200, and an 8 fl oz up to 400. Each bottle has a spritzing pump which is a screw-on. So each bottle is refillable.

The only challenge is that when the bottle is halfway done, spraying the oil into the bowl might be tough. You will have to hold it at a certain angle for anything to come out of it. And sometimes, doing so can cause some minor leakage. However, that apart, there is really no reason why you shouldn’t have one in your home. Time to give those air-fresheners a break, it’s poo-pourri time.

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